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Careington Discount Dental


Belleue Total Health

Phone: 920-720-4244

Bellevue Total Health is a health clinic unlike any other in the Green Bay area. Serving Northeastern Wisconsin since 1998, Bellevue Total Health offers a wide variety of care to families and individuals.



Retail mail-order pharmacy.

Phone:  1-800-748-7001


Legal Zoom

Wills, Power of Attorney, Living Wills and Trust



Want a competitive price on medical care?



MedPic LLC provides cost containment services, delivering a quick and reliable solution to maximize healthcare savings for our clients. We are the experts in medical and hospital claim audit, review and negotiation. Our team has 20 years of negotiation experience and long-standing relationships with healthcare providers throughout the country.


Mobile Audiology Services

We bring our hearing expertise and service to you. Services include hearing tests, ear wax removal, hearing aid sales and service, and hearing aid supply.


No Insurance Surgery - No Insurance Surgery, Inc. offers clients an on-line/phone consultation for surgeries with a firm price with no hidden fees. Surgeries for Hernias, Women's Health, Eyes, Spine & Hands.



Patient Care - Advocacy Company



Physical Therapy

Brennan Hussey, PT, LLC

Cash-based physical therapy clinic.



Prescription Drugs

CAN Drug

Phone 1-888-488-3784
On-line CAN Drug



Omro Pharmacy



Smith Pharmacy



True Care

Print Card

Lookup Prescription Drug Prices On-line For True Care


Surgery Center of Oklahoma   This video explains the Surgery Center

Providing High Quality Care at Affordable Prices


Urgent Care Physicians, Ltd.

When your need is Urgent, we care


Wisconsin Price Point





Eye Glasses

 Zenni Optical - quality prescription eyeglasses from $6.95


Insulin Vials

Walmart Relion $25 per vial


Shoes for Foot Problems

Viconics thru QVC, $120, 30 day money back guarantee, many styles


What you Should Know


Statistics Don't Lie

Here are some of the statements made by pharmaceutical companies that are techinically true but 

not even close to what you think they mean:


True Cost of Health Care

A View of Healthcare Costs from the Inside


Council for Vaccine Saftey

advocating for safe vaccines


The Truth about Cancer











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